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Why Should You Buy Silver bars?

Are you foggy about investing your money in silver? We understand your concern because the silver market is small as compared to that of gold. If you are dubious about investing your money in silver, we are here sharing some reasons why you should buy silver bars and diversify your portfolio.

Silver is money

For ages, silver has been used to make coins that have their monetary value. The British pound derived its name from the word pound, meaning the weight of the 240 sterling pennies got made from one pound of silver. The currencies of other countries like the French rupee, Indian rupee define their currency in terms of silver.

Uses and properties of silver

Besides money, there is a great demand for silver because of its properties. Silver, being the best conductor of heat and electricity, has varied uses in batteries, electronics, silverware, and so on. Also, when exposed to sunlight, silver is the most reflective metal which makes it suitable for use in solar panels and jewelry. You can also find the use of silver nitrate in photography. Silver is also used in water purifiers. Nowadays, sovereign silver is used to treat diseases ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Silver is cheap

You want to diversify your portfolio but do not want to invest in gold, you can buy silver bars because they are affordable and hedge you during times of inflation. Also, it can be used as a gift for somebody if you don’t want to invest in other precious metals.

Outperforms gold in the bull market

When the market is bearish, silver falls much faster than gold falls but, it enjoys a booming period during the bull market when the price of silver rises more rapidly than the price of gold.

Falling silver inventories

The inventories of silver metal are falling with the government because countries are now moving away from using silver in making coins. When the industries need silver in the future, the government will not be able to match up to their demands.

Growing use in industries

You cannot miss finding silver anywhere you go, ranging from electronics to cell phones to electric vehicles and whatnot. So, if you buy silver bars, their demand will undoubtedly surge in the future. The silver used in a cell phone is one-third of one gram of silver, and the demand for cell phones is going to shoot up in the future. According to Gartner, an information technology, research, and advisory firm, between 2017-19, 5.75 billion cell phones were bought, meaning the utilization of 1.916 billion grams of silver in cell phones.

Sovereign Silver has antibacterial and antiseptic effects when placed on a wound or consumed orally. Many people take it as a dietary supplement to boost their immune function. Some people claim that it can be used to treat Lyme disease, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.


The demand for silver is more in industrial uses than jewelry, and the demand for silver for industrial uses is growing. So, you can make silver a part of your portfolio and earn good returns in the future.

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