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Why Buy a 1 Oz Gold Bar from a Mint Only?

Many people think of buying 1oz Gold Bar for investment purposes or just because they are attracted to the design. No matter what your reasons are, you should always ensure that you buy it from a seller who sources it from the Mint only. There are numerous benefits that will answer the commonly asked question of why buy a 1oz Gold Bar from a mint only. Read on to know all of them.


This is the top reason to trust a Mint like the Canadian Mint when you want to buy a 1oz Gold Bar. When a gold bar is sourced directly from a mint, you can be sure that it will be as pure as possible. You do not need to worry about the purity issue or think about whether the gold bar has an excess of other metals that might not be as precious as the yellow metal.


Similar to the purity, the quality will also be assured when you buy 1oz Gold Bar from a seller who sources it from a mint only. The higher the quality of the gold investments, the better would be the returns, in the short or the long term. The quality of the products sourced from the mints is unquestionable, and you can be sure that the product you are buying would have superior quality.


When someone thinks of buying Gold Bar NYC, they need to ensure that they store it properly, especially when the gold bars are bought for long term investment purposes. The high-quality packaging of the gold bars sourced from Mint is the answer. The packaging is usually very strong and precise. It will ensure that the gold bar stays in place for a long while even if you store it for years. The packaging will not perish with time.

Standard Sizes

Another benefit of buying Gold Bar NYC from a seller who sources it from Mint is that you will get access to products that have standard sizing. The products will never be thicker or thinner, heavier, or lighter as compared to other gold bars offered by the Mint that belong to the same category. You can be sure of it.


The gold sourced from Mint has a decent reputation all over the globe. It means that if you want to travel to another country or settle there, you can take your Gold Bar NYC with you and sell it off there if needed. The value of the bar would not decrease, and you will have many buyers lining up for the bar you are selling.


Last but not least, when you buy Gold Bar NYC from a seller who sources it from the Mint, you can be sure that the shape of the bar will remain the same even after years, or even decades. You can easily pass it on to the next generation and help them boost their investment portfolio.

Where to Buy Gold Bars?

If you want to buy gold bars from a reputed seller that sources it from the mints directly, you can trust The New York Gold Company. We are a reputed precious metals dealer that has been in business for more than three decades and has kept our clients satisfied by offering great quality and variety at affordable prices. You can buy our products online via our website, walk into our store, or simply place an order via the phone. Our helpful customer service executives will always be there to answer all questions and guide you to the right products.

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