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Which Mints Produce 1 Oz Gold Coins?

The demand for gold coins has been steady throughout the years. In fact, it has increased after the coronavirus pandemic as more and more people realize the importance of investing in gold. If you are also interested in gold and have chosen it as an investment option, you might want to read on. Here we have mentioned why buying 1 Oz Gold Coins is a smart idea, which mints produce them, and where you can buy them from.

Why Invest in 1 Oz Gold Coins?

Investing in 1 Oz gold coins is smart because it has been a preferred investment option for decades. Though the gold coins are usually costlier than gold bars, people prefer them as they have a higher value and are rarer than many other investment options. For a beginner or a newbie investor, investing in a 1 Oz Gold Coin is a smart move because it is not very costly and a low-risk option.

Gold coins are preferred because they allow you to invest in long-term wealth. They also make your investment portfolio more varied. The designs offered by various mints are also attractive, and the historical significance of many coins is also appealing. You will need to research the engravings and markings of gold coins to decide which gold coins are the best suited for your needs. To add more variety, you can also invest in silver, platinum, and palladium coins that can be a worthy addition to your precious metals portfolio.

Which Mints Produce 1 Oz Gold Coins?

Several reputed mints offer gold coins. You can know about them here.

US Mint

One of the oldest and most reputed is the US Mint that has been there since the 1700s and is the solely authorized producer of American Gold Coins. Since 1986, it has offered attractive products like American Buffalo Coins, American Gold Eagle coins, and commemorative coinage.

Other Mints

Some other reputed mints across the globe are Royal Australian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Royal British Mint, China Mint, Austrian Mint, New Zealand Mint, Mexican Mint, South African Mint, and Perth Mint.

Where to Buy Gold Online?

If you are looking to buy gold coins or bars for investment purposes, you don’t need to connect with any mints directly. Instead, you can trust a reputed gold dealer – The New York Gold Company. With a successful track record of ensuring customer satisfaction for over 30 years and a commitment to offering the best quality products sourced directly from reputed mints, we are a name you can trust. We also have achieved the precious A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which speaks volumes about the kind of business we are and our ethics.

The New York Gold Company makes precious metals purchase easy by offering a wide variety of products, honest pricing, quick purchase, and safe deliveries. You can buy online via our website, order via phone, or walk into our Jackson Heights store. Our executives will be there to answer all questions and make investment decisions easier. Connect now!

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