Gainesville FL

At New York Gold Co, we offer highly trusted and recognizable mint hallmarks for gold coins and gold bars with 100% guarantee on purity and authenticity for sale in Gainesville FL. Investment grade gold bullion that we sell in Gainesville FL has 99.5 % purity. We sell gold bars in Gainesville FL that feature the manufacturers name, weight and purity stamped on the face. Popular mints for purchasing investment grade gold bars in Gainesville FL that are recognised globally include Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and Pamp Suisse. As gold dealers we offer the best of their products in Gainesville FL.

Among the highly valuable gold coins we sell in Gainesville FL, we offer the American Eagle coin produced by the US Mint which has 91.67 purity but is valued much higher than plain gold bars because of its intrinsic value as a collector’s piece.

Whether you are looking at gold investment from a collector’s perspective or as an experienced investor wanting to expand their portfolio with gold bullion in Gainesville FL, we have products that will fulfil your requirements. We have a large catalogue that can be viewed online on our website and any order placed will be packaged discreetly and delivered at your doorstep so that you receive your purchase in perfect condition.