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New York Gold Co. is one of the finest gold coin dealers based in New York and trading gold coins across the USA. We procure bullion and collector’s Australian, South African, Canadian, US, Chinese and British gold coins from the leading mints around the world. You can buy 1 gold coin or a set of 10 gold coins based on the size of investment you wish to make.

Our 1 gram gold coin collection comes with authentic and distinctive designs and make attractive purchase options. We also sell 1 oz gold coin that make a great addition as a collector’s item. Many of our 1 gram gold coin and 1 oz gold coin cost more than their face value as they have greater intrinsic value from being rare mints.

As one of the most trusted coin dealers in the country, we ensure that our customers receive only the best and exclusive coins with wide investment options. The advantage of choosing 10 gold coins over 1 gold coin from investment perspective is that you can sell a few gold coins at a time to encash profits. Or, if you are purchasing the gold coins to distribute among your family members as a gift.

To learn about the various investment options, please check our website or call our advisors. Our gold coins are a perfect way to invest and are created by world-renowned mints and manufacturers of bullion. Included in our offerings are Australian, South African, Canadian, US, Chinese and British gold coins and these are engraved with attractive designs.

Reasons to Buy Gold Coin Today
If reading till now has intrigued you about gold coins and you are looking for reasons to buy gold coins today, then read on. Here we have made some convincing points regarding why gold coins are the right choice for me.

Good Investment Option
In case you are a new investor, and you want to start small, you should consider the option of buying 1 gram gold coin or 1 oz gold coin. Just check the gold coin prices before you buy gold coins so that you start the investment on the right note.

It Appeals to Everyone
Buying gold coins is also a good idea because gold coins look very appealing. Everyone from small kids to older people is attracted to gold. Women also love it as it can be melted to make stunning jewelry pieces. The gold coins price also rises with time, so it appeals to the investors who just want a tidy profit.

The Worth Only Increases
Whether you buy 1 gold coin or several of them, and no matter whether you buy gold coin online or offline, you should know that the worth of gold coins only increases with time. The pricing of gold coins depends on the rate of gold that day and the overall demand. As the supply of gold worldwide is usually lower than the demand, the worth and value of gold increase in the long run.

Great Gifting Option
If you have a friend or relative who prefers both gold and coin, you should find the best gold coins to buy from The New York Gold Company. When you buy gold coin from us whether after checking options like American eagle gold coins price or gold coin prices today, you will buy a gift the receiver will cherish. We offer the cheapest gold coins or cheap gold coins USA. Trust us when you need to purchase gold coins for gifting purposes. When you buy gold coins online, we ensure that they are delivered directly to the gift receiver and save time.

Reliable in Tough Times
Anyone who has heard of Gold coin investment before knows that gold is reliable in tough times as it's an asset whose prices go up in tough times. The recent hike in gold coin price in USA during COVID-19 is a proof of that. Anyone who knows how to buy a gold coin for rainy days also knows that options like 1 oz South African Gold Krugerrand Coin are safer as they are well recognized worldwide. Buying gold coins NYC in today's climate is smart as the stock markets can be too unstable. Just check 20 gram gold coin price from our website and choose from the products like 10 gold coin or 1oz gold coin.

If you have not invested in gold and want to be sure of your choice, we suggest buying a small-sized coin and then buying more when you have more confidence in this investment. New buyers and old investors who need the answers to questions like where to buy gold coins, where to find gold coins near me, or where can I buy gold coins always trust The New York Gold Company as we offer the best products at the right prices and at the right time. Call now for more.

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