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Silver Investment - SILVER BARS

We sell a wide range of investment grade silver bars of .999 purity mark. Each bar we sell, including the 1 oz Pamp Suisse silver bar come in assay packaging and a serial number with a stamp of its purity. This itself increases the brand value of the silver bar, over and above its face value.

We also provide certificates of authenticity with products that issue them to our customers. This ensures that the customer gets a higher resell price.
Our 1 oz silver bar value is protected by the sealed plastic which protects the design and finish. Our product catalogue includes 1 oz Pamp Suisse silver bar and also 1 oz silver bar value from Perth Mint and RMC Republic. These are some of the most notable precious metal mints with a global presence. We are their authorized silver dealers and we offer an extensive range of silver bars in weights of 5-gram, 10-gram, 50-gram, 100 gram, 1 kg and 1 Oz, 10 oz, 50 oz and 100 oz.

In the bar form, silver is less expensive and give very good returns as they have vast industrial demand. If you buy them in large sizes, silver bars are easier to store and sell at opportune moment.

Silver bars on offer from our company come in several sizes and weights. We ensure each silver bar is provided along with assay packaging, and a serial number, which provides details about the metal’s purity and other important details. When certificates of authenticity are available we provide these along with the products to our customers.

Things You Must Check Before You Buy Silver Bars
If you are eager to buy silver bars, but you have never bought silver bars before, then you should know about the things you must check before you buy silver bars. They are explained in brief below.

The Price
No matter whether you want to buy silver dollar bar or you are looking for a 10 ounce silver bar, you need to check the pricing. If you want to know how much is a 10oz silver bar worth, then you can visit The New York Gold Company as we keep the prices of silver and other precious metals listed on the website daily.

The Weight
It is also a smart idea to decide on the weight before you make the purchase. If you want a heavier product, a 10 ounce bar is suitable. The answer to how much is a 10oz silver bar worth differs on the basis of the spot price of silver that day.

The Storage Options
The next thing to check after deciding on the weight and silver bars price is how you will store it after the purchase. As the 1 oz silver bar value is not too high, you can store it at home in your cupboard. You can even store a 10 ounce silver bar at your home or office. Get a locker only if you have many kilos of silver at hand.

The Payment Options
The simplest answer to where to buy silver bars is The New York Gold Company. After you have decided to buy from us, ask our executives about the payment options you have. As silver bar worth changes with time, the total amount will also vary from one day to the next as the silver bar rate also changes daily. We often give you discounts if you do a wire transfer. Be sure to ask about that also.

The Invoice
No matter whether you are buying 10000 silver dollar bar or a 1 oz Pamp Suisse silver bar, don’t forget to ask for an invoice. In most cases, our executives will provide you with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity. Ensure you store them with the silver you have bought, as misplacing them might create a problem if you intend to sell the silver bars in the future.
If you keep the required documents with you, you can also trust The New York Gold Company to buy the silver bars from you in the future- maybe after a few years if you need cash quickly and want the experience to be completely hassle-free.

Don’t wait anymore! If the question of buy silver bars near me is bothering you, then The New York Gold Company is your preferred destination. Thousands of customers had trusted us when they wanted to buy silver bars, and they continue to do so even now. You can be one of them too. Just visit the website or have a one-on-one chat with one of our executives via phone, the website or visit us in the Jackson Heights store!

Platinum Investment - PLATINUM BARS

Platinum is an investment grade metal and platinum bars are best forms to purchase them in as they are easy to store and sell. Over the years, as the demand for platinum bullion is increasing for industrial purposes, investment sentiments towards this rare metal has also grown among buyers. At New York Gold Co. we sell platinum bars in various weights of 1 gram, 5 grams, ½ oz, 1 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz and 20 grams to give even medium to small investors opportunity to add some platinum bullion to their portfolio.

Our catalogue has platinum bars at best price from internationally recognized mints and comes with the manufacturers guarantee in the form of weight, purity and unique serial number engraved on the face of the bar on one side. You can purchase platinum bars in different price range with unique designs on another side of the bar. The mint where the platinum bar was manufactured adds to the brand value of the bar as it is in effect a mark of its purity and craftsmanship.

Our dealers are available to guide you when you buy platinum bar and we will ensure utmost confidentiality in transaction so that your investment does not draw undue attention.

We offer a wide selection of platinum bars in various weights. Each comes with a guarantee from the mint or the manufacturer and, therefore, is an ideal way to invest in precious metals. Assay packaged and engraved our platinum bars are ideal choices for gifts for friends and family.

Why the Demand for Platinum Bars Price Will Increase in the Future
One of the reasons people are looking for a platinum bar 10g is that the demand for platinum bars is bound to increase in the future. Here is a list of reasons why you should also invest in a 400 oz platinum bar after knowing the bar of platinum bar price.

Great Design
The designs of platinum bars are usually very appealing. So, if you are eager to invest in a precious metal that looks good and you want something more unique than the standard gold and silver options, you can go with platinum products like 400 oz platinum bar that looks good and has a unique appeal.

High Demand from Everywhere
Platinum has had high demand from most nations, and this demand is bound to increase in the future. More and more people are looking for a variety of investments, and they are not sticking to standard options like gold and silver anymore. They want products that are simple, elegant, and sturdy, Platinum products like platinum bar 10g meets all those criteria.

Build Assets Quickly
New or old investors who want to build assets quickly can also trust platinum bars as they are easily available. You can buy it from The New York Gold Company in a matter of minutes and complete the transaction in a hassle-free manner. We let you buy online and offline. Online is via our easy-to-use website and offline via our Jackson heights store or even on the phone.

Nice for Display
Some people prefer to display the assets they own. If you are one of them, you would like the decision of buying a platinum bar 10g or 400 oz platinum bar that you can show off to your friends and family. As the bars we offer come in nice packaging, you can add them to any table or even a stand to attract attention.

Easy to Sell
The sale and purchase of platinum bars, gold bars, and silver bars have been ongoing for a couple of decades now. And it’s not going to stop. So, if you are looking for a bar that can be easily converted to cash when needed, then you’ve got to check the bar of platinum price and then make the purchase decision. This asset can be turned into cash by visiting The New York Gold Company if you want to sell it off after a while. The sale process will be as easy as the purchase process.

Secure the Future
People who prefer to have a secure financial future have trusted The New York Gold Company’s products for more than three decades. You can do it too by buying a platinum bar 10g or 400 oz platinum bar from us. Platinum bars can be used to secure the future of yourself or your loved ones. This is the reason they will be in demand in the future as well. To know more about how many of these you should invest in, talk to one of our executives and let them guide you on when and how to buy it to ensure a secure financial future. Call us now or explore the products below for more.

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