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Silver coins are ideal for making modest investment in precious metal bullion. We have wide range of silver coins that have been sourced from Australia, Canada and the USA. We only sell fine silver with .999 purity and they come in tamper-proof assay packaging from the mint. This keeps the silver’s purity and value intact and makes it easy to trade at any dealership in the world.

Silver has varied applications in different industry for manufacturing electronics, batteries, medical equipment among others besides its allure as jewellery. It is such a small market that minor fluctuations can affect the price making it an excellent trading commodity for short term gains. Over the years, just like gold, silver has also witnessed price increase due to the increasing demand worldwide. Silver fetches equal to or more return on investment than gold in the market because of its demand from different sources.

Our brands of silver coins are much in demand around the world and they can be easily stored for many years while you wait for the right price or time to sell it. You can browse through our catalogue and pick the design and size that you like, and we will have it shipped to your address.

Things to Look for Before You Buy Silver Coins
Those of you who hope to buy silver coins for the first time ever might have some questions or doubts regarding the decision of buying silver coins. Here is a small list of things to look for before you buy silver coins to help deal with those doubts.

Which Country do They Belong to?
Silver coins are minted in many countries like the US, Austria, Canada, or Great Britain, among others. So, before you buy one, read about it and know its history. For instance, the American Eagle 1 Oz Silver Coin history is pretty interesting and appeals to people who love the country. If you are also connected to US history, you might want to contact The New York Gold Company when you seek silver eagle coins for sale.

What’s the Actual Weight?
When your search of where to buy silver coins end at The New York Gold Company, you should know that weight matters while buying precious metals. You should also know that one silver coin weight can vary. You can get a 1 ounce silver coin to add to your collection. Just know the 1 ounce silver coin value before the purchase.

What’s the Current Worth of Silver?
After knowing the price, you should also know the 1 oz silver coin value by checking 1 oz silver coin prices for that day. Everyone knows that the prices of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium change daily. So, checking the price that day is a smart move. It will let you know whether the coins you are buying are worth the money or not.

How to Buy It Seamlessly?
If you want to buy silver coins, make sure you know the entire purchase process. At The New York Gold Company, we have kept everything smooth and simple. All you need to do is visit our website, search for the products you want, read the description, add to the cart, and make the purchase. If you are stuck somewhere, our helpful customer care executives will be there to guide you. A person can buy silver coins online or visit our store in Jackson Heights, or even place an order via the phone.

What Might be the Future Resale Value?
Though most people invest in silver or think of buying silver as a long-term investment option and an asset they can pass to future generations, some investors want it for the short term of one or two years only. If you belong to the latter category and you want to buy silver coins so that you can sell them quickly, then you should do some research on what the future resale value of it might be. At The New York Gold Company, we don’t just sell but also buy silver from our prestigious clients.

The decision to buy silver coins will be simpler if you follow the tips mentioned above. Explore our collection below and get started with silver investment today!

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    1 Oz Silver Coin Great Britain Britannia (BU)- 2020


    First introduced as a Silver coin in 1997, the 1 oz Silver Britannia coins are renowned for their beauty and reliability, which continues with the 2020 Silver Britannia Brilliant Uncirculated Coin.

    Coin Highlights:

    • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
    • Multiples of 25 are packaged in mint tubes. Multiples of 500 are packaged in “Monster Boxes.”
    • Obverse:
    • Effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the face value of 2 pounds, featuring the Royal Mint’s guilloche design.
    • Reverse: Designed by Philip Nathan, the reverse features the internationally recognized figure of Britannia standing firm against a powerful gale. Her Image has symbolized Britain’s strength and integrity on coinage since Roman times. A radial sunburst design behind Britannia adds anti-counterfeiting protection.
    • Sovereign coin backed by the British government.
    • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs.


    Weight 31.10 grams
    Purity .9999 F
    Thickness 3 mm
    Diameter 38.61 mm
    Denomination 2 Pounds

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