Gold investment under US$100

Gold investment under US 100 Dollar

DollarIt is never to start investing and investment in gold is a good way to start building your wealth. Gold is a safe haven investment option, so if you are still testing waters then gold bullion is a good place to start at. You can start with investment in physical gold bullion like gold coins or gold bars. Whether you want to start small or have a modest amount to invest in, there are alternatives for a small investment. Here are a few options for gold investment under US$100.

Gold bars Under US$ 100

When we imagine gold bars, we always assume them as heavy bars that weigh at least a kilo. While these are extensively traded, you can choose lighter gold wafers that are 1 gram or less in size for US$100 or less. All the leading mints offer small-sized gold bars, you can choose from varieties offered by Pamp Suisse or Perth Mint. These bars come with similar designs like gold coins with a swan, Lady Fortuna, or Oriana design to name a few. They also come in an assay package to protect the design and integrity of the gold bars. These bars have unique identification numbers and certification of authenticity to ensure that the products are authentic and can be traded at the spot price of the time when you are selling the bar.

Gold coins under US$ 100

You can buy gold coins in sizes 1 gram and 1/10 oz from leading international mints for prices under US$ 100. You can choose the Chinese Panda design from People’s Bank of China, or the Austrian Gold Philharmonic by Pamp Suisse. There are a lot of choices in gold coins that you can consider, however, it is important to choose gold coins that have proper assay packaging to ensure that the coin is undamaged, and its design is protected.

Premium rates on gold bullion purchase

All gold bullion, bars, and coins have a premium rate attached to them. This premium includes the cost of manufacturing, the seller’s charges, taxes, shipping, and handling rates among other things. After adding all these charges, the cost of the gold coin or gold bar may go a little over US$100. Different gold dealers charge different premiums, hence look around a little to get the general idea of the rates offered. When you buy gold online, often, online dealers of free shipping or seasonal discounts on premiums. So, you can take advantage of these. On average, all genuine gold dealers offer similar premium rates so if a dealer is asking for a higher premium then avoid purchasing from them, for they may not be offering genuine products.

Though the premium on smaller-sized gold coins is higher, they are highly liquid and can be easily traded at a moment’s notice. You can start building a corpus with gold coins and gold bars instead of saving money in the form of cash for long-term wealth preservation and protection of your wealth against currency fluctuations.

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