Gold Bars And Gold Coins In Portland

Gold bars in Portland OR are known to give the best returns when other financial instruments such as stocks are not performing well. Hence, gold bullion offers one of the best kinds of hedge in Portland OR against any type of market fluctuations. New York Gold Co. has watched the growth of investment-grade precious metals such as gold in the commodity market for over three decades as one of the leading gold dealers in Portland OR. We offer the best form of gold investment opportunities in Portland OR, namely gold coins and gold bars. We trade gold coins in Portland OR that are procured from the largest mints of the world.

Our selection of gold bullion in Portland OR comes from China, Switzerland, England, Australia and Canada among other countries where the finest investment-grade gold is minted. We are the exclusive gold dealer in Portland OR for many of the mints that we work with. You can procure from us highly liquid gold bars in Portland OR that can be easily store and sold anywhere in the world. Our special collection of gold coins in Portland OR are the collector’s delight as they have exquisite designs. To start your gold investment in Portland OR, contact us or visit our website.