1. How Will I Know That You Have Received the Payment?

We will send an email confirmation as soon as the payment has been processed and applied to the order you placed.

2. What Will Happen If You Don’t Get the Payment on Time?

If we don’t get the payment within five (5) business days, we reserve the right to either accept the payment, refuse it or cancel payment or provide a new quote based onthe price at the time we received the payment.

3. What Form of Payments Do You Accept?

The New York Gold Company accepts all of the following payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Bank wire
  • PayPal
  • eCheck
  • Personal check

4. Can I Buy Precious Metals Using a Credit or Debit Card?

Yes, you can. We recommend using a credit card as it leads to added security, faster shipping times, and expedited payment clearance.

5. What are the US Shipping, Handling, and Insurance Charges?

The New York Gold Company offers a $20 Flat Rate Shipping Fee.

6. How Long takes You After Ship My Order?

The New York Gold Company will pack and ship your order as soon as we receive the payment for the order. After shipping, we will send an email confirmation with tracking details.

7. Can The New York Gold Company Ship Internationally?


8. How Will You Wrap My Package?

The executives of The New York Gold Company will wrap all packages discretely by using white or brown corrugated boxes so that people can’t guess what’s inside.

9. What if My Package is Lost?

We would request you to wait for 7 days after the package is shipped before contacting us. Then, we will guide you on the procedure. Filing a police complaint might be needed if the loss is due to tampering or theft.

10. Will You Add a Commission Fee to the Posted Prices?

No, the only fee we add is the shipping fee mentioned before. We do not have any hidden fees or charges.

11. Will My Prices be Locked in When I Place an Order?

Yes, the prices will be locked if you place an order via telephone or online, and we send you an order confirmation email that will also mention the locked prices.

12. Do You Offer Volume Pricing or Quantity Discounts?

Yes, The New York Gold Company might offer volume pricing and quantity discounts. But each case is unique, so you’ll need to call our customer service team for that.

13. Will You Report My Purchase of Precious Metals to the IRS?

The New York Gold Company is not required to report all the sales transactions to IRS or any other agency unless a customer falls under the Form 8300 requirement.

14. How Do I Know If I Need to Report My Sale or Purchase of Precious Metals?

The New York Gold Company is not a financial or tax adviser, so we suggest that you find an expert who can guide you on that matter.

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