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Why is gold a different investment than cryptocurrency

Traditionally, as an investor, you would want to keep some of your money in precious metals like gold. This protects from the potential losses equities may incur during a deteriorating economic trend. This has been shown to work and is still working, but a fresh alternative poses a threat to this tried-and-true capital preservation strategy. Due to its longevity, ability to garner support and notoriety, and exciting patterns, bitcoin is an intriguing asset for investors.

Cryptocurrencies and gold are frequently contrasted, but a tangible asset like gold differs considerably from an intangible digital currency. The supply and demand of gold are more varied. Gold has consistently demonstrated that it is a secure gold investment, even during rising inflation. Due to its numerous uses, gold is unique to practically every other asset. Investors and central banks acquire gold to earn returns and safeguard their assets. Gold is crucial in many modern products, including TVs and cell phones. Gold’s price can be more durable than the pricing of many other assets because it has numerous applications. Investors purchase gold as a safe refuge when the financial markets are unstable. Consumers buy more gold when economies are doing well.

Key differences:

Bitcoin versus Gold: Total returns

In contrast to bitcoin’s approximately 1,300% growth in 2017–18, gold experienced just 6-7% returns. Also, in 2019–20, 2020–21, and 2021–2022, Bitcoin outperformed gold by a wide margin. However, compared to gold’s almost 4% positive return for the year, Bitcoin has dropped close to 57%.


The established weighing, tracking, and trading system for gold are flawless. It’s challenging to steal or fake, and it’s also tightly controlled. Without official approval, crossing borders with gold in many nations is illegal. One caution is that you should only acquire actual gold if you have a secure place to store it. When investing in gold, you can often only buy gold through registered gold bars online dealers and brokers.

Bitcoin’s encrypted and decentralized architecture makes it impossible to steal and spoof. It is typically lawful to use across international borders, with a few exceptions. However, the legislative framework that might exist to guarantee user security has yet to be implemented, and cryptocurrency’s anonymity makes regulation difficult.

The ownership and production of gold are various.

No one continent alone is responsible for more than 30% of the world’s gold production. A variety of people hold gold. The most significant known gold holding is the U.S. Treasury, but it only has 4% of all the gold that is visible to the naked eye. Nearly 50% of this gold stock is in jewelry worn by people worldwide, while more than 20% is held by investors in the form of gold bars and gold coins.

The possession and use of cryptocurrency are rare.

In 2021, organizations in five nations held an average of 80% of the network’s processing power. The ownership of Bitcoin is likewise very concentrated; only 2% of Bitcoin holders control 95% of all Bitcoins.


The liquidity of Bitcoin is one of the main issues for investors looking to it as a haven. Generally speaking, cryptocurrencies are relatively liquid investments; however, this may not always be the case. It can be more fluid than other assets and less liquid at different times.

Gold will be a better choice if you’re searching for an asset you can quickly shift in and out of without losing value quickly (like Bitcoin can). You can reallocate your portfolio more quickly when the market moves because it is a much more liquid asset.


In the past, gold has been used for various purposes, including money, opulent objects, specialized uses in dentistry and electronics, and much more. The ability of gold to hold its value while the value of other assets declines is a result of this cross-functional utility.

The usefulness of bitcoin is constrained. Currently, it is only utilized as a speculative gold investment and digital currency. Decentralized finance, on the other hand, is a new financial technology aiming to employ cryptocurrencies for financial transactions. In this developing technology, you can use Bitcoin for lending, borrowing, and more. It has almost as many potential uses as gold, but it also has nearly as many possible benefits where it may become worthless and valuable.

Expert Opinion

In contrast to the gold sector, the cryptocurrency market is unstable. Gold has always been with us; it is one of the most liquid assets and investments, and it consistently provides positive returns over extended periods. Also, analysts claim that the volatility of digital assets makes them highly risky. Investors have previously witnessed Bitcoin’s rapid price increases and decline to record lows. Considering this, conservative investors are drawn to classic assets that are low-risk.

As investments, gold and bitcoin act differently.

When equities markets are under pressure, gold often shines. Bitcoin, on the other hand, deviates from this pattern. For instance, between November 2021 and May 2022, the value of Bitcoin more than halved. Gold, however, remained constant.

Our analysis implies that investors who possess cryptocurrencies might benefit from adding gold to their portfolios since gold is far less volatile than cryptocurrencies to lower overall risks and boost long-term underlying returns.

Does Bitcoin Outperform Gold as an Investment?

Which is better will depend on your risk appetite, investing approach, available capital, and level of loss tolerance. Bitcoin is a riskier investment than gold since it is far more volatile.

When is the best time to buy gold?

Many gold supporters argue that it is a solid hedge against rising prices. However, the facts contradict this assertion. In several cases, gold could be an enormous hedge against a commercial catastrophe than it is against inflation. Gold costs tend to climb throughout times of crisis. During severe inflation, however, this is often only sometimes the case. Investing in gold can be a good idea if a monetary crisis or recession is on the horizon. If the economy is undergoing excessive price increases, it may be practical to abstain.

Where to buy gold coins and bars?

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