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Why Buying 1 Oz Gold Coin is a Smart Idea?

Gold is widely used as an investment commodity. It was earlier used by people who didn’t have many investment options and had to pick the shiniest one from the available options. With time, this has changed. Despite having many other attractive options, some people still prefer gold coins for investment as their trust in this investment option has only increased with time. If you are also considering looking up 1 Oz Gold Coin Online and buying one or a few, then read on. Here we have mentioned why buying 1 Oz gold coin is a smart idea.

  • Suits Every Investor Needs

Small gold coins like a 1 Oz Gold Coin can suit the needs of every investor. So, if you don’t have much cash to spare and still want to invest, you can buy one of these beauties. Do it every month, and soon you will have a collection you can be proud of.

  • Wide Following

Though gold coins are small in size, their popularity is quite huge. Their popularity is even higher when there are religious or historical symbols attached to them. So, if you are religious or like to be connected with history, you should seek gold coins with historical or religious significance.

  • Many Options

When you are out to buy a 1 Oz coin, you will come across many options from different mints. The availability of many options will allow you to pick the ones you like best. It will also let you compare prices and choose the products that fit your budget.

  • High Purity

The purity of gold is a crucial factor when investing in the yellow metal. You should check the purity of the gold coin you are buying to ensure that you don’t end up paying more for the added metal elements. Instead, you should be able to know the exact percentage of gold and the exact percentage of other metals.

  • A Good Option for Diversification

If you want to diversify your investment portfolio, you can invest in gold coins. It is a smart option as you can store the gold coins at home or even carry them with you if you need to. They hardly take up any space and can even fit in your pocket.

  • Long Term Option

Investing in gold coins is a smart move if you need a long-term investment option. Gold offers price stability to investors. It also does well in a crisis like a stock market crash and is considered a hedge against inflation. When you hold onto gold coins for years, you can expect a satisfactory return on investment after a few years.

Where to Buy a Gold Coin?

If you are looking to buy a 1 Oz gold coin online or offline, you would be smart to buy it from one of the most reputed coin dealers in the USA. The New York Gold Company has over three decades of experience and has earned customers’ trust. So, you can buy from us without any doubt or hesitation. Call us for more!

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