Tips to Stay Away from the Fake When You Want to Buy a 10 Gram Gold Bar

10 Gram Gold Bar new

When something is popular, humans have the tendency to faking it to fool buyers and earn more money. One of the most popular metals in today’s time is gold, and more and more people are trying to invest in this popular investment option. Sadly, this trend has also increased the amount of fake gold that is being circulated in the market. If you want to avoid the trap of fake gold, then read on to know the tips to stay away from the fake when you want to buy a 10 Gram Gold Bar.

  • Don’t Trust Common Platforms

Popular online platforms like eBay are usually used by fake gold sellers to sell their products at low prices, and most people fall into that trap. If you want to avoid that trap, then you should not purchase via such platforms. Remember, real gold can’t be sold too cheap as fees charged by eBay and PayPal is quite high. So, if a gold bar is priced at something too good to be true, it is usually a fake!

  • Don’t Get Trapped in Bulk Deals

Many factories in China sell gold-like coins to innocent investors and fool them as they pay a much higher price for something that usually has no value. Some of these factories also sell their goods via auctions. So, you better avoid them if you can’t spot a fake 10 Gram Gold Bar. You will learn it over time if you are an active investor.

  • Learn to Spot a Fake

It is a myth that only experienced investors can spot a real 10 Gram Gold Bar from a fake. If you are an avid learner and have the enthusiasm, you can learn to spot a fake gold bar from a real one with ease. All you need to do is to remember the following points.

  • Purity Mark

Every real precious metal product would have a small stamp that will attest to its purity. For instance, .999 is stamped on investment-grade gold, and it depicts its purity. You can see for that mark yourself, or you can ask the seller to show you where it is on a gold bar or coin. However, don’t rely too heavily on these marks as conmen can fake them as well.

  • Check for Discoloration

No matter whether you want to buy gold coins or you hope to Buy Palladium Coins and Bar, make sure that you check each of the precious metals products for discoloration. If there is even the slightest discoloration, you should stay away from that deal.

  • Examine the Color

The color also matters a lot when it comes to identifying a fake metal. Real metal has a special color that would be easily distinguishable from a fake one. If you want to Buy Palladium Coins and Baror gold coins and you already have some with you, take one real piece with you for color comparison, and you might be able to spot a fake one. However, do remember that some gold coins like the Gold Krugerrand are not 100% pure and have copper added to them, which gives them a reddish hue. This hue doesn’t mean that the products are fake.

  • Buy from a Reliable Seller

Always buy precious metals from a reputed seller like The New York Gold Company that has the coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau that represents how much the customers trust the brand. The New York Gold Company has been helping people find their precious metals for over three decades. To make a purchase, just give them a call.

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