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Testing Techniques that will Help You to know if the Gold Bar NYC is Real

Buying gold in today’s time to secure your financial future is a smart move. But before you take the next step and buy a Gold Bar NYC, you should learn a few testing techniques that will help you to be assured that the gold you have bought is 100% real, and you are not scammed by anyone who sells counterfeit products.

Check the Weight

As gold is one of the densest metals on the planet, buying Gold Bar NYC will be easier as you can check its weight anywhere. If the gold is not real and another metal is used to copy it, more of that metal would be required, so the weight of the gold bar will be higher than expected. Even the diameter would be more than the real gold. So, double-check the weight and diameter of the gold you are buying.

Try a Simple Magnet Test

If you want to check the authenticity of Gold Bar NYC at home, you can easily do a simple metal test that needs minimal equipment. You should know that gold is not magnetic. So, a real gold bar, bullion, coin, or any piece of gold jewelry you buy will not stick to a magnet. If it does, it’s an indication that you have bought fake gold. Just take a reasonably strong magnet and try to pick the piece of gold you own. You should also club this method with other methods as it’s not very accurate. If the gold has another non-magnetic metal mixed it, this test won’t be able to highlight that.

Listen to the Sound

Known as the Ping test, this gold test is ideal for gold coins like a 1 Gram Gold Coin. To do this test, you just need to listen to the sound the coin made when it struck. Precious metals usually make a long and high-pitched ringing sound as compared to base metals whose sounds are usually duller and shorter in comparison. Just balance the coin at the end of your finger and tap it with another coin and listen to the sound that comes through.

Ceramic Test

If you want to conduct a purity test over a 1 Gram Gold Coin or bar, this is the simplest option you have. All you need to do is to drag the gold coin over a ceramic plate that is unglazed while applying a slight amount of pressure. If you can see a mark of the gold on the plate, then the gold is real. If you see a black mark, then you might have bought a fake one.

Other Methods

You can also try other methods like a nitric acid test or biting down on gold to decide whether your gold is pure. But those methods should be used with extreme caution as you might end up lasting damage to the gold. You can also visit a gold expert like a jeweler to get the gold tested professionally.

Buy from a Reputed Seller

If you want to avoid all the hassles involved in testing the purity of gold, the simplest method is to buy it from a reputed seller like The New York Gold Company that has an excellent reputation among the customers and an A+ rating from the prestigious Better Business Bureau. The company has its operations online and offline, so you can pick any method when you think of gold investment like 1 Gram Gold Coin. The efficient staff will guide you on which products are ideal for you and make sure that you get maximum satisfaction from your purchase.

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