Someone Sold Me Fake Gold? What Can I Do?

Someone Sold Me Fake Gold? What Can I Do?

Buying and selling gold is a delicate matter. If you invest your hard-earned money in precious metals, you need to be cautious and do ample research. But sometimes, people try to fool you by promising that they are selling you a real product when they are selling a gold-plated product or a completely fake one. If you have been duped by one of the scammers and you wonder if someone sold me fake gold, what can I do? Then read on for some answers that might help.

Connect with Them

If you have the contact details of the person who has sold you fake gold, you need to connect with them and tell them that you know about the fraud and that you are considering legal action. Sometimes, it might be enough for the seller to get scared and return your money. Avoid a physical confrontation as you might be endangering yourself. Also, don’t get disheartened if their contact details have changed or they don’t take your calls.

Report it to the Authorities

In case you are unable to connect with the seller, you need to report it to the authorities. You can visit the local police or law enforcement agencies and tell them about how and when the fraud happened and how much money you lost. You can carry the fake gold with you as proof to assure them that you were cheated, and it’s not a cooked-up story. Also, please take the seller’s details and how you met them so that tracking the seller is easier.

If you had bought the gold from a shop, you could also talk to an attorney and sue the shop for selling fake goods. It might help you recover your money and compensate for the trouble you faced due to the seller’s negligence.

Avoid Future Mishaps

In addition to reporting the fraud, you also need to ensure that you don’t get duped again. So, the next time you plan to invest in gold or other precious metals. make sure that you take the following steps:

Buy in Small Quantities

If you are buying any precious metal for the first time, buy in small quantities so that you don’t lose a lot of money if the investment doesn’t pay off as well as you expected or if it turns out to be fake.

Trust the Right Seller

It is also smart to buy gold from only a reputed seller like The New York Gold Company. We are a leading provider of not just gold but also other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. All the products we sell are sourced from reputed mints all over the globe and are 100% genuine. We provide the necessary certifications, invoices, and documents with each purchase to assure you that you have made the right choice by trusting us.

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