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Looking for gold for sale as bullion– Is it a good choice?

Investment in physical gold is one of the safest routes as gold prices have steadily increased over the years and withstood the toughest economic downtrends. If you are looking for “gold for sale near me” with the intent of purchasing gold coins or bars, there are many options you can consider. However, while purchasing gold bullion, timing is very important. The rule of thumb is that in times of high economic volatility, gold prices tend to rise and when the economy is stable and going strong, gold prices tend to fall. Also, gold is not a short-term investment option to capitalize on sudden rapid price rises.

So, if you are wondering if buying gold bullion for investment is a good choice, then yes, it is. However, there are some things you must be mindful about when you step out looking for gold for sale.

Private Refineries or Government Mint

Private refineries such as Asahi and Franklin Mint create collectible design coins and bars. These coins, however, do not generate demand from numismatists as they are not from official government mints. However, 1 gold bar value from these mints has the same universal face value since it comes sealed in tamper-proof assay package with the weight and purity marked on the reverse side along with a unique ID number. And on the obverse side there is the unique design and company brand name. Coins from government mints such as Royal Canadian Mint, Royal British Mint, or the United States Mint. 1 gold bar value in NYC from any of the government mints will fetch the market value from banks and gold dealers anywhere in the world. Coins and bars of gold for sale with American Eagle, Chinese Panda, or the Lady Fortuna design are coveted among investors and collectors alike.

Collector or Investor?

For collectors, 1 gold bar value will not hold the same value as a gold coin with history. They associate value for gold coin over and above its face value for the design, condition, and year it was minted. Gold bars are minted purely for investors who want to store large amounts of cash in gold bullion form. Of course, you can invest 10 gram of 1 gold bar value in NYC if you don’t want to invest in coins. If you have a penchant for coin collection, then do not view it from an invest perspective, but from a collector’s perspective who is acquiring something of value. However, even as a collector one must have an upper limit beyond which they would not pay for the coin.

Is gold bullion good for investment?

Gold bullion is not just an investment, but it is an insurance against economic downturns, market fluctuations, and currency volatility. In a diversified portfolio, it is always a smart thing to have some amount earmarked for gold bullion investment. Even if you want to give your gold for sale, if it is maintained in good condition and sold through the right channels, you will get the best value in the market for that amount of gold of that purity level.

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