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How to Avoid Pamp Suisse Fake Products

We live in a world where people create fakes of every product that is popular and has a high demand. This applies to precious metals as well. Pamp Suisse is a leading bullion brand whose products are almost always in demand. It is the reason why people have come up with fake products of this brand. If you want to buy any products offered by this brand, you need to learn how to avoid Pamp Suisse fake products. It will help you to avoid getting cheated, and you will be a smarter customer.

Why You Should be Worried

Though fake products from the brand have always been there, this time, it’s a cause of concern as the quality of fakes is improving with time. One of the key things that have changed is that the fake products have better packaging than before, which might confuse a new buyer. There are no major errors in packaging, and ordinary people who are not experts on Pamp Suisse products might get cheated easily if they believe a fake product to be a real one.

Pro Tip- Check the Size and Thickness

If you want to avoid fake Pamp Suisse products and want to know how to do it, then a pro tip shared by the experts is to focus on the size and thickness. No matter how appealing a coin or a bar look, you should not get too attracted to it and compare the thickness and size with the mentioned dimensions. Either the products would be thicker, or the size would not be what you expected. The weight might be the same as the real thing.

Learn About VERISCAN

It is also a good idea to learn about VERISCAN. It is a new technology developed by Pamp Suisse only that will detail the surface data, also known as the topography of products like gold bars. The details of the data will be noted when the production bars are still in the production line, and the focus will be on analyzing the microscopic topography of the bar. This surface profile will play a key role in helping distinguish a pure bar from a fake one.

It is a smart method that can help anyone to distinguish between genuine and fake bars. It is a smart method as it ensures that the gold bar doesn’t sustain any physical damage, which might happen if you use any other methods to check the purity of the bar. This method is also quicker than many other methods so it will help you to save time.

Using this method to check purity is also easy as you can use the VERICSAN iPhone app (if you have an iPhone 6, 6S or newer) for this purpose. In case you don’t have an iPhone, you can also use VERISCAN software to compare it with the topography that is present in the PAMP’s database. You can try this method without even removing the sealed packaging.

Another Simple Method

Another simple method to avoid buying fake Pamp Suisse products is to only purchase them from a reputed dealer like The New York Gold Company. A reputed dealer will check the quality of every product and help ensure that you Buy Palladium Coins or gold bars without any hesitation. One of the reasons to trust The New York Gold Company is its an excellent reputation. It has got scores of good reviews from happy customers and an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. You can talk to the executives of the company when you want to Buy Palladium Coins or any other precious metals to be sure of their quality methods and the genuineness of the products you are buying.

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