A quick guide on why to buy gold bars

buy gold bars

Approximately two-thirds of annual gold investment demand is for small gold bars and coins around the world. One can buy gold bars of many denominations and measures of gold content such as 1, 10, 20-, 50-, 100-, and 1,000-gram denominations as well as 1, 10, and 100 troy ounces. The price of gold bullion in the form of bars is the latest spot price to which making and handling charges are added.

Benefits of investing in gold bars

  • Lower making charges – the making charges added on gold bars are lower and have a lower premium attached with them, which is the making and transportation charges. The larger the size of the gold bar, the lower its making charges.  So, if you want to make a large investment in gold, it is advisable to buy gold bars in sizes of 1kg or higher bricks.
  • Purity of gold bars – when you step out in search of buy gold near me”, look for prominent jewellers or gold traders who stock gold bars form reputed mints that are recognized internationally. Any gold bar from a reputed dealer is marked with its purity stamp and certified. It also has a unique code that will be held only by that gold bar. Thus, you are ensured that when you buy gold bars you are getting the real deal and it makes it easier to sell too.
  • Gold bars are tangible assets – unlike shares, currency, bonds and similar commodity investments, gold can be held physically, and you are unlikely to become victim of fraud and lose your wealth overnight. Even if internet crashes or trading accounts are hacked, the physical gold holding cannot be tampered with. Thus, in the interest of ones family’s well-being and security, it is better to hold part of your wealth in the form of physical gold.
  • Storing gold bars – because gold bars have higher worth than gold coins and aren’t easily liquidated, it is important to store them securely. You can keep them in the locker at home or in bank. However, in larger weights one can only buy gold bars and it is easier to store one large gold brick as opposed to several small gold coins or wafers. So, unless you want to keep your gold investment liquid and easier to liquidate in the short term, it is feasible to buy it in the form of gold bars.
  • They are discreet investment – you store gold in lockers and purchase them personally from reliable stores when you search for buy gold near meonline. In these times, you can also buy gold bars online. So, the only person who knows you are holding physical gold is you, the seller and IRS when you declare your purchase for tax reasons. So, it is a discreet investment vehicle and gives the holder a lot of privacy.

Buy gold bars and store some securely as a form of insurance that will grow in value even in the face of inflation or any economic downtrend.

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