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5 Types of 1-gram Gold Bullion Coins That will fetch good investment value

Gold coins are an excellent investment form if you want to diversify your portfolio. More precious metals in the market are investment-worthy, such as palladium and platinum, but the shimmer of gold never fades. With gold bullion coins, investors can create a strong collection of gold that looks good and will continue to enjoy a rise in value over the years. 

1 gram of gold is a popular alternative for giving as gifts during special events such as graduation, housewarming, or when some lands their first job. In many cultures, such as Hinduism or Chinese traditions, there are special days when one must buy some quantities of gold for a prosperous year ahead. 

How to buy gold coins?

It would help if you bought gold coins from recognized gold dealers. The US Mint lists authorized dealers from whom one can purchase authentic gold coins from reputed mints. Nowadays, one can buy gold bullion coins online as most reputed dealers create a strong digital presence. You can browse the catalog and find gold coins that fit your budget. 

Most gold coins come with beautiful designs associated with the Mint where they are manufactured and the country from where they originate. 

Some good investment options in bullion coins with 1 gram of gold 

· American Gold Eagle

The US Mint manufactures the American Gold Eagle and is the most recognized design in the USA. Some special-year issues have numismatic value, the latest among these being the 2021 issue which is the last of the series featuring the classic design. The value of special issue collector’s gold coins is derived not from the weightage or purity but their year of Mint and rare design. 

· Chinese Gold Panda

The People’s Bank of China guarantees the Chinese Gold Panda coin, and its unique feature is the annual changing layout. The obverse sign of the coin depicts the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests at Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. On the reverse side is a panda’s design resting on a tree branch. 

· Australian Gold Kangaroo

The Perth Mint of Australia guarantees the Australian Gold Krugerrand. It is popular for the kangaroo design, Australia’s wildlife symbol. On the obverse side is a portrait of Ian Rank-Broadley’s likeness of Queen Elizabeth II.

· Vienna Philharmonic

The Austrian Mint produce the Austrian Gold Philharmonic BU and is among the best-selling bullion coins. On the obverse side, it has a layout honoring the famed Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It features the organ of Vienna’s Concert Hall’s Golden Hall, Musikverein. On the reverse side is the design of the instruments that a group plays, such as the cello, harp, violin, bassoon, and Vienna Horn. 

· Krugerrand gold coin

The Krugerrand is manufactured by the South African Mint and features the likeness of Paul Krugerrand, South Africa’s first president; on the reverse side, there is a depiction of the Springbok antelope, which is the national animal of South Africa. 

All these coins come in a tamper-proof assay package that protects the design and details inscribed on the coin and protects the integrity over the years. 

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