5 Best Gold Bars to buy This Month

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A quarter of the year is already coming to a close as we pass through the month of April. The war in Ukraine, the slowing down of the pandemic in many parts of the world, and uncertainty of the US Dollar and oil & gas futures have triggered a demand for gold. Now is a good time to look for gold bars for sale as the demand for the same is set to rise shortly. We share with you the 5 best gold bars to buy this month.

1. Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse gold bars are produced by Valcambi, a prominent precious metals refinery in Switzerland. You can purchase their gold bars in sizes of 1 oz, 10 oz, and 1 gram to heavier sizes. These bars are of .999 purity and feature the Credit Suisse logo on one side of the bar, and the Credit Suisse name and finer details such as weight, purity, and serial number on the other side of the bar. The smaller-sized wafers come in assay packing to keep the safe and untampered.

2. Royal Canadian Mint

Gold bars issued by the Royal Canadian mint are available in an array of weights ranging from 1 oz to 1 kilo. They usually come in beautifully designed assay packages, especially in smaller sizes with the symbols of the maple leaf on top. They are aesthetically engraved with the national symbol of Canada – the maple leaf and can be conveniently purchased at any gold coin dealers near me.

3. Perth Mint

Gold bars from Perth Mint, Australia are in high demand globally and recognized for their unique design featuring the Perth Mint Swan symbol. You can choose the Oriana design which features the golden-haired goddess Oriana holding a bouquet, or the other alternative with a repeated kangaroo design etched on the obverse side. Perth Mint gold bars are also available in an array of sizes that you can choose from as per your budget.

4. Asahi

Asahi golds bars from the Asahi Refineries, which was formerly known as John Matthey is a very reliable addition to the gold bullion portfolio. These bars are eligible for IRAs and feature the Asahi logo on the obverse side. Though the Asahi brand name is about a decade old, John Matthey is among the earliest precious metals refineries in the world. Hence, the quality of the product is unmatched.

5. Argor Heraeus

Argor Heraeus offers both cast gold bars and minted gold bars for sale. The minted gold bars are available in six sizes – 1 gm, 2 gm, 5 gm, 10 gm, 20 gm, and 1 oz. The cast gold bars are available in sizes of 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, and 1kg.

All the gold bars issued since 2011 come with a certificate of purity and an engraved serial number that is unique to that coin alone. When you purchase gold bars from gold coin dealers near me, you can check for these salient features that attest to the legitimacy of these bars.

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