gold investments

Common questions about retail gold investments

One of the best investment options is gold plain and simple. Long-term investment protection is one of gold’s many benefits. Due to its numerous advantages, people have begun to view the investment grade gold as one of the finest ways to conserve money. It offers improved protection and is a low-risk investment option, making it […]

gold investment

Why is gold a different investment than cryptocurrency

Traditionally, as an investor, you would want to keep some of your money in precious metals like gold. This protects from the potential losses equities may incur during a deteriorating economic trend. This has been shown to work and is still working, but a fresh alternative poses a threat to this tried-and-true capital preservation strategy. […]

gold investment

How Gold Performs in Different Market Scenarios

Today we look at some of the history and current discussions surrounding gold ownership from the eyes of an investor. Quantitative study shows that gold has been advantageous for investors as a hedge against other asset-class risk and as an alternative source of return during various economic and financial regimes. The study notes that while […]

Precious Metals

Understanding Why Precious Metals Are Undervalued

Gold and silver have long been acknowledged as precious metals and were highly prized by prehistoric societies. In today’s market, precious metals still have a place in the portfolio of an astute investor. A closer look at the three most liquid precious metals, silver, platinum, and gold, is highly illuminating as we investigate why precious […]