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Best Way to Buy 100 grams of gold for investment

Gold as an investment vehicle has its own charm, not just for the classicist but also for serious investors who hold a diversified portfolio. Historically, gold has held strong against a falling share market and currency market, it has been the best way to preserve wealth and grow it over a period of time. Maybe that is why gold is worshipped in different cultures as the goddess of wealth. Holding at least 100 grams of gold in your investment portfolio can add a lot of value not only in the form of long-term returns but also as a hedge against sudden market downtrends. In the past year, gold has hit historic highs in the face of the pandemic as other markets were failing.

Best value one can get for the 100 grams gold price

The most popular way of buying gold is of course jewelry, but sadly it isn’t the most prudent way to invest in gold to get the best value. gold jewelry is often an alloy so it isn’t pure gold. Also, the seller adds the premium cost of manufacturing, design, and their own charges which will never be compensated on resale. The best value one can get for 100 grams gold price is through investing in gold bullion in case of physical gold and on gold ETF or bonds if one were opting for non-physical gold purchase.

Among physical gold, there are two options for investment – gold coins and gold bars. Gold coins from the reputed international mint will receive the nearest returns to the day’s spot price. However, gold bars get higher returns as there is lesser wastage and manufacturing cost attached to it. There are options to purchase gold coins of numismatic value. these coins are traded not for their gold content but for the derived value by virtue of being rare, old, or the unique design it carries.

Earning the best value for gold investment

The best value for gold investment does not come in the short-term but over the long term when gold value really rises. It is like the proverbial tortoise whose rates move at a slow pace but always increase at an incremental pace. When every other type of market is failing, the demand for gold is fuelled and its rates will see sharp upward spikes. At such times, one can trade their gold and earn some profits on them. otherwise, it is best to keep your purchased gold locked away till the time you need liquid cash and are ready to sell your gold holding.

Selling for the best 100 grams gold price

Always go to a reputed dealer who is registered with the American Gold Dealers’ Association. You are certain to receive the nearest amount to the spot price at such dealerships. Do not resell the gold you recently purchased to the same dealer immediately as you will get a much lower value than what you paid. This is because the dealers work in their costs in the premium they charge.

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