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A Very Bullish Signal for Precious Metals

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back at how each asset market performed over the year. Our preliminary findings reveal that the price action performance for precious metals appeared to be very conflicting. However, a more thorough investigation reveals that market movements have been entirely caused by Central Banks and their enormous liquidity initiatives, with once-in-a-lifetime “lockdown” anomalies also detrimental to some assets, such as platinum, palladium bars, or other precious metals.

Gold and other precious metals are historically reliable crisis hedges or, more precisely, confidence barometers. The trust in our global monetary system is eroding. In this blog, we explain to readers the increasingly unfavorable macroeconomic backdrop, which is incredibly bullish for precious metals, especially in light of their significant undervaluation.

Are precious metals on the verge of sending out a strong bullish signal?

In recent years, interest in precious metals has grown. In particular, Silver NYSEARCA: SLV had been falling behind Gold NYSEARCA: GLD for some time. The precious metals business loves it when Silver takes the lead, so this is terrific news for metal enthusiasts. Bulls in metals want this support to break. Why? In the past, big rallies for both Silver and Gold occurred when the Gold to Silver ratio broke through multi-year support at each. Therefore, if a breakdown occurs once more, it should be good news for precious metals, particularly Silver.

Gold and other precious metals were once again a great spot. Metal outperformed U.S. Treasury & corporate bonds, local & international equities, commodities & Bitcoin while cooling by about 3%. Gold’s historic role as a diversifier and shelter was evident in the bloodbath that was in September.

Miners of gold reverse the downward trend

As measured by the senior NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index, gold and silver miners were virtually steady for the month, snapping a five-month losing skid. The year has been difficult for the sector. Mining stock prices, currently down 21% year to date, are on pace to have their worst year since 2015 when they dropped 25.5%.

The worst may, however, be over for them. Mining stock prices have increased roughly 18% since a 52-week low. Today, they recorded their second consecutive week of gains. Looking ahead, the group seems poised for more expansion. This week’s index rose above its 50-day moving average, which we interpret as a bullish signal after it broke out of a bearish trend that dates back to April.

How are the macroeconomic conditions for precious metals in 2022 set up?

We are currently seeing a macroeconomic regime change pushed by inflation, economic stagnation, and stagflation. Due to significant and deteriorating aggregate supply shortages, all the pieces are in place for a secular shift in the inflation forecast over the medium run.

Retail investors favor gold coins over exchange-traded funds.

U.S. individual investors prefer actual bullion over ETFs when it comes to gaining exposure to gold. September saw significant outflows from gold-backed ETFs globally, marking the fifth straight month of declines. According to the World Gold Council, the outflows were particularly noticeable in North America, where investors withdrew about 60 tonnes of gold (WGC). Gold continues to perform well in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, so worldwide holdings are still higher than at the beginning of the year.

At the same time, sales of gold coins in the United States have had a fantastic year. The U.S. Mint’s gold American Eagle and American Buffalo coins collectively sold more than 2 million ounces in nine months, according to the WGC. This is a 7% increase over the same period the previous year and the most significant in 22 years. How should you interpret this? Why did gold-backed ETFs decline while gold coins practically flew off the shelves?
Nobody knows, but tangibility matters a lot in this situation. World governments and central banks have printed more money in the last two to three years than in any other historical period. Investors may have a legitimate desire to hold tangible, physical assets that cannot be generated out of thin air, are not issued by a centralized authority, are not anyone’s liability, and are hard to fake.

As always, we advise holding 10% of your assets in gold, with 5% invested in real metal like American Eagle coins and 5% in top-notch gold mining equities, mutual funds, and ETFs.

How to buy a gold bar?

If you have narrowed your choices to a few, you should review how to buy gold. You are given three options. The first step is to visit a local gold vendor shop, look at the 5 gram gold bars, ask questions, and make a purchase. Another option is to buy gold and other expensive metals online and deliver them to your door. The third option is to telephone your request, pay the installment, and deliver it to your door.

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Where can you buy it?

In recent years, merchants of precious investment-grade metal have been driven out of your neighborhood. However, you only need to search for “buy gold near me,” and we will assist each consumer in identifying their goals when investing in the pricey metal.

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We have succeeded in this industry for more than 33 years thanks to our compiled knowledge of valuable metals and our awareness of how important they are worldwide. We have had the opportunity to effectively guide our clients in making wise decisions when deciding what kind of venture to undertake. Our clients come from different backgrounds and have different investment goals. Since we provide the best prices, products, and venture guidance for precious metals, our customers frequently come back to us to make new purchases or deals and we’re sure you will too.

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